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If Getting Sh*t Done Was An Olympic Sport, You'd Have Several Gold  Medals By Now.

You juggle obligations at work, with your family and your community, like the seasoned pro you are.
You dodge the bullets of doom-and-gloom headlines and political angst on Facebook.

You even push through the bouts of anxiety that surface when you fear you’ve dropped the ball.

But in those rare moments between grocery runs and conference calls—In the lonely silence of your parked car or your bedroom at 2AM—You can’t avoid the full weight and pressure of how exhausted and frustrated you are.

All you want is a sense of peace. To feel GOOD about being you.

You want to relax and enjoy your life. And maybe achieve even more…

Not more work, certainly, but more happiness. More satisfaction. More reaching of your potential.
You want to wake up excited and energized by the thought of your day.
You want to strut into work and step up to the plate, totally confident in your talent and your ideas.
You want to laugh and go deep with family and friends, to feel heard and adored, loved and accepted for who you truly are.
You want more fun and laughter with family and friends, with the Starbucks barista if need be.
Bottom line: You’re tired of shrinking and settling for less at work, in love, in life.

You want to stand tall, speak up, and do what it takes to follow your bliss.

On some level, you KNOW this is possible.

You KNOW you’re a good person.

You KNOW you’re good at what you do.

So why do you keep second-guessing yourself?

Because every once in a while, when things don’t go as planned, you get that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach.

A mistake at work—
A critique from your partner—
Even a picture-perfect Facebook “friend” who seems to have it all—
Floods you with insecurity and shakes you to your core.

Eventually, sure, you get back on your feet and regain your sense of perspective.

But the damage is done. And you can’t help but wonder: Will this cycle ever end?

Newsflash: You CANNOT increase your confidence just by changing your job, your partner, or your daily routine.

Because your problem isn’t a "thing" in your life. Your problem is something you THINK. Specifically, your problem is the highly specific whack-a-doodle thought: I am not enough. Not smart enough. Not skinny, funny, talented, [fill-in-the-blank] enough.

Most people (maybe you?) do not realize they have this thought.
But the symptoms are clear. If you’re stressed out and battling voices of self-doubt and self-criticism, you’ve got a worthiness issue.
It’s been creeping through your psyche like an undiagnosed virus, stealing your peace and undermining your heart.
Because you never feel good enough on the inside, you don’t speak up and show your true self. On some level, you think, What if I really AM a fraud? What if I AM pushy or greedy or needy or any of the terrible things I secretly worry might be true?
This fear is the REAL reason you’re shrinking so much. It’s why you play safe and turn down opportunities—you don’t want to be “found out”.
If you want to take back control of your life, you need to stop thinking this thought—STAT.
Fortunately, you DO have the power to eliminate self-bashing thoughts.  

STEP #1: Training Your Brain to See Yourself Differently. 

When you use brain-building exercises and science-based strategies to change your thoughts, your life transforms from the inside out.

  • You find your focus. No more questioning your direction, spinning your wheels, or wondering what do-or-die activity goes first. You know what matters on a deep, soulful level—whether it’s money, time, freedom, or family time—and you build your plans based on that (not what other people want).
  • You show up as who you really are. No more wondering if you’re good enough or if it’s “okay” to be who you are. You feel loved and accepted, like you belong, so you stop striving to prove that you matter and start to love the skin you’re in.
  • You take bold action to get what you want. No more second-guessing every move, thought and impulse. Because you believe in yourself, you put yourself out there in a big way—saying yes to stretch roles at work, sweet and sexy date nights, belly laughs and bold conversations.
  • You flip the happiness switch and love your life. No more longing for some “thing” to fill the void between you and your ideal future. You already have everything you need to achieve anything you want—and your life suddenly expands in incredible ways.

Training your thoughts using a science-based process gives you a safe, practical shortcut on the long, winding road to success.

Unlike self-help books, this approach goes deep. Instead of crowding your cortex with philosophical ideas and theoretical noise, it cuts straight to point—and makes an impact.

 Unlike “how to” blog posts, this approach is flexible. Instead of selling you a one-size-fits-all approach to happiness, you get customizable tools that work in lots of different situations.

Unlike phone calls with your mom, sister, or BFF, this approach gives you proven results. Instead of guessing at what might work, you get time-tested solutions with zero fluff.

Training your thoughts is your secret weapon to unstoppable confidence—and I’m here to help you use it.

Introducing...6 Weeks to a Happier & More Confident You!

A virtual course, targeted coaching, and private community to help you dissolve self-doubt and soak up joy without guilt, overwhelm, or decades of therapy (thank you very much).

It gives you the tools, accountability, and live support to become your best self-- the one who dreams big, takes risks, and soaks up more pleasure every single day.

If you crave clarity, community, and customized guidance—plus weekly escapes into tropical paradise—you are going to LOVE it.





My name is Stephanie Carroll, and I’m a behavioral scientist and bona fide happiness expert.

For the last 15 years, I’ve used science-backed tools and proven strategies to help thousands of people experience more joy in their everyday lives.

Not to toot my own horn, but I’m a sought-after success coach. My clients include organizations like L’Oreal, World Bank, Kraft Foods, BASF and Aveda as well as ambitious individuals like you.

My secret sauce is seeing the best in you—then holding up a mirror and giving you the unconditional support to see yourself like I do (and act accordingly).

When we work together, you get a blend of time-tested techniques and expert guidance to live every day as your most courageous, joyful self.

I know how much it hurts to watch your life slipping through your fingers. Because twenty-five years ago, I was overwhelmed and struggling, too.

When I was a young girl—only twelve years old, actually—I struggled to feel good inside. My self-doubt led to bulimia, which continued through college, into my picture-perfect marriage and broadcasting career.

After struggling for two decades to find a reason to live, I was determined to turn my life around. I devoted myself to studying, learning, and testing what worked so I could fight off my personal demons.

Eventually, I found the most effective ways to install immediate change in my life. A Master’s degree in behavioral science gave me the tools to help others transform.

By working steadily on myself, then with others, I became a force for good in the world. Along the way, I became the woman I always wanted to be—happy, fulfilled, and self-confident. I knew that one day I would share these gifts with clients all over the world.

I remember the first time I realized the pain was gone. I felt at peace with myself and hopeful about the future. I recognized, for the first time ever, that I had the power to create the life I wanted.

Since then, I’ve started my own business, doubled my corporate salary, moved into my dream house, traveled around the world…and it just keeps getting better!

That’s exactly what I want for you—the hope, faith, and courage to realize your dreams. I want you to recognize how powerful you are. And I want you to love your life just as much as I do.

I designed this course to give you a clear-cut roadmap to happiness—the practical tools and supportive community I wish I had in a neat, organized bundle all those years ago.

After decades of research and using myself as a guinea pig, I only teach what works. I never share anything I haven’t personally tried and used to achieve amazing results.

I also built the sort of private community I wanted so badly during my years of isolation and loneliness. This is a place where you can feel safe, heard, and accepted, just as you are.

All this adds up to an experience you just won’t find anywhere else.

But don’t take my word for it.

"This is unlike any course that you have taken before. You’re going to build up your self-esteem and your confidence, and you're going to grow into a better person, someone who’s more positive and healthier. I definitely wake up smiling much more, I take issues and I solve them much easier. I don't try to make myself feel bad anymore because I don't know the right answer. I give myself a time for a process, and I try to concentrate and focus on how to feel the best I can. When you do all this, you really can feel your best!"

Creative Director

"This course is fabulous. I have seen parts of myself that I didn’t really realize even existed. The biggest change is my interactions with others. The course allowed me to reflect on my stresses and struggles and taught me ways to improve those areas. People's interactions with me have changed in a positive way too, without them even realizing it."


"This feels exciting. It’s an even a bigger word than freeing. It feels like I can’t even see boundaries at this point. Before, I would have to know every possible step in life so I could plan for that possibility. I thought I needed to be tight in order to get things done. Now I realize it's much more fun to play in a big space. I don’t have to know everything—and I don’t want to. Instead, I can just be me."

Health Consultant

"I’m taking a stand for what I want my day and week to look like without feeling guilty. After this course, I definitely feel different at work. I show up differently and step up more. Instead of complaining, I’m more vocal about what I need to be happy and successful. Because of this, I’m calmer and more peaceful, and I can go with the flow instead of trying to fight against so many things. Showing up and being seen at work has had a positive trickle-over effect for me at home. I’m really present there and feel more grateful, too. I have always considered myself an outgoing, confident person, but now I’m more authentic, honest and genuine in conversations. I’d say this course opens you up to discovering how you really want to live your life."

Corporate Manager

"I needed to get passionate again—and I did! I consider myself pretty self-aware, pretty self-actualized, pretty confident. But I discovered I was putting all these limits on myself and didn’t even realize it. This course meets you wherever you are and lets you decide how quickly and how far you want to go. For me, it was a gentle nudge that helped me go POW in terms of my awareness. It invigorated my commitment to stop playing safe. Now I have a more grounded sense of where I want my life to go in the short-term as well as long-term. I got renewed energy around some things that I'm going to do in this year and beyond. I needed to get passionate again—and I did!"

Artist & Business Consultant

"There’s a lot written on happiness nowadays, but this course teaches you HOW to “do” happiness. Stephanie makes it such a safe place that you feel you can be your total authentic real self in the course and everybody else feels they can be themselves too. So you actually learn how to be authentic. We all have little failures in the process and it feels good to know that you can share them with other people who get it. Then you can move on and be happy."

Commercial Real Estate Investor

"It feels so good to be my authentic self and not live in a space based on fear. I tend to be quiet and reserved—more of the shy type. Before this course, I had that fear of articulating myself and that others wouldn’t like me. But once we dove down into the topic of fear, it didn't seem as big and scary anymore. Seeing other people in the course go through the same things as me really helped. Now I voice my opinion, and I want to talk and chat with everyone. It feels good, and I’m attracting more positive back. People are loving me being myself—they notice and like being around me. They trust me more and it creates more meaningful relationships. I feel more confident, happier, lighter and more joyful. I enjoy the present moment more. This is a life changing course to take if you want to live a more positive, happy life. Live in peace, love your life, love yourself and feel better about life in general. I would highly recommend taking it when you're really ready to make a change."

Human Resource Professional

So do something today your future self will thank you for.

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